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Seeing how it’s the 14th both in Singapore and London… (Still not used to the 8 hour time difference. Christ.)

This month’s challenge wasn’t, well, much of a challenge for me: jiao zi (饺子), or guo tie (锅贴) – it depends on how it’s been cooked – otherwise known as Chinese dumplings or potstickers. I make these often enough that they don’t even warrant a mention anywhere. In fact, I think the only time I did mention them online was that one time I happened to make them whilst doing that ‘photograph all you cook for one week’ challenge.

Just as well it wasn’t anything new to me, since this one was done in something of a rush, that one free London day I had in the midst of all my travelling last month. As I was hurrying it through even then for the sake of the other errands I had to run too, I fear I was, erm, a tad sloppy, photography-wise. Apologies in advance for the poor quality of the shots.

Jiao Zi: Fried Food, Hurrah
Chinese Potstickers (锅贴)

This month’s recipe was provided by Jenyu of Use Real Butter.

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Seeing as how it’s now the 14th of the month and all…

Some time ago, I joined the newly formed Daring Cooks branch of The Daring Kitchen, hoping to push my culinary limits. It looked fun, and I had figured that it’d be the perfect thing to make me cook stuff I normally wouldn’t even think of cooking. (To the other cooks on my f-list, all I can say is this: Join me in my madness? If you sign up now, you’ll probably be in time to receive the second – June 2009’s – challenge. *g*)

The first challenge was ricotta gnocchi, taken from The Zuni Cafe Cookbook:

Ricotta Gnocchi 1/2
Ricotta Gnocchi with Smoked Salmon and Dill Cream Sauce

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